Sustainability is insanely important part of our present and future, in the age of consumerism, impersonal services and fast fashion we decided to go all out and create a brand that is based on value in itself.

All our clothes are made in poland. When creating new collections, our atelier draws on the rich tradition of polish tailoring and values artisan craftsmanship. We support small workshops and the artisans who are employed there. We have created a craft association in the town where we work and we are slowly returning to the roots of handwork. All of our knitwear is knitted by hand.

The designs are knitted directly into shape, meaning there is no cut and sew and no waste. We want to take full advantage of the craft of knitting, where we offer production with material waste close to zero.

Unsold items and old samples are used each year to re-make the collection and re-made into new models. We design with longevity in mind and strive to improve the quality and value of our products economically and materially.

When creating our collections, we largely use fabric stocks or production residues.

By using of natural, raw materials and using handwork, we want each garment that comes out of our studio to be individual, refined and „For years to come”.

Our next big goal is implement the possibility of repairing leather and knitted clothes that come out of our workshop.

We want to instill in consumers, addicted to novelty and mass production, the awareness of repairing worn-out clothes, instead of throwing them away and buying new ones instantly. This will also give a chance to save traditional crafts, using available services of local professionals or manufacturers, who are running businesses which are frequently being passed down from generation to generation.

Turning 'old’ into 'new’ is not easy, especially in large-scale production. This is our next step into the future, to produced our clothes, entirely from leftover textiles.

From the new season, our denim clothes will be 100% made from purchased production stocks of other local brands.

To produce a pair of jeans, water consumption is as much as 11,000. Liters. This is the amount a person can drink in approximately 20 years. The clothing industry accounts for one tenth of industrial water consumption and twice as much waste water, most of which is unsuitable for treatment and reuse due to high levels of toxic contamination.

We believe that by reusing our new models made of recycled denim, we will not contribute to an ecological disaster, at least to a small extent.

We want everything to make sense, it’s our future!